ERP Software for Pharmaceutical

In pharmaceutical companies there are various business processes. In almost all the segments there are unique challenges to tackle. There's an intense competition, margins are declining and long product development cycle is there. Some pharmaceutical companies also face heterogeneous production conditions. Then there are national and international regulations to which the pharmaceutical industries have to adhere to.

An ERP software which is highly customized is required to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical companies. It is important to have an ERP software because the processes and controls required in a pharmaceutical company is quite different from other companies. A perfect pharmaceutical ERP is the one which can look after all operations right from Receiving order to Sales.

The ERP software for Pharmaceutical Companies can deliver power, scalability and robust functionality. It provides a strong foundation for a Pharmaceutical company's success. It gives better operational control with automated Inventory Management. The Sales Cycle is streamlined, there's a productivity boost, Profitability is increased, Adherence to Regulatory Requirements is simplified and Quality Management is enhanced.

Inventory Tracking can be done automatically through an ERP system. It can streamline Material Requirement Planning which results in optimum inventory levels. This also avoids delay caused by lack of materials. Raw Material's summary and those Raw Material that have fallen below set re-order points are reflected.

The Sales Functionality in ERP makes entry of Sales Order automated. ERP system also allows to enter orders in the system easily, which are automatically reflected in general ledger and Accounts Receivable. The system automatically prints packing lists, invoices, Sales Analysis reports etc. The pricing is automatically calculated based on different customers and their requirements.

eLite ERP is a complete ERP solution that helps pharmaceutical companies to efficiently manage business processes even at the time of market volatility. It has a robust architecture, user-friendly features and industry specific functionality which helps to boost productivity and simplifies operations.